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JustNews: June 2005

Welcome to the first issue of JustNews: The e-newsletter of JustinTymeSports.

Congratulations to Jon W. of Chandler, Arizona for being the winning subscriber for May, 2005. Jon received a new Mini-Pro I Basketball Hoop and Ball set.

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JustinTymeSports is the number one source for mini basketball hoops and accessories. You can find us on our website at or at our ebay store.

A Year in Review - Milestones of the Past Year

We celebrated our one year On-Line anniversary on May 1st, 2005. We would like to thank all of our customers for helping us to grow so much in our first year.

Although we have been making mini basketball hoops since 1996, we did not start our website until May of 2004. In our first year on-line we have shipped our Mini-Pro I hoop to 49 states (Alaska is a tough market), one US territory (Puerto Rico), and three countries (US, Canada, and United Kingdom).

In February of 2005, we achieved Power Seller status on ebay. In order to become a Power Seller, we had to achieve a very high positive feedback record and maintain a minimum level of monthly sales. We are very fortunate to have a 100% feedback rating from our customers. To read our ebay customer feedback, click here.

We also made several improvements to our product.

  • In July of 2004, we switched from a wet painting process to a powder coat process...the new paint is even more durable than before.
  • In December, we increased the strength of our rim by changing to a thicker steel for the rim and the angle support.
  • In March of 2005, we changed our nets to a thicker, more realistic, all-weather material.
We have received very positive feedback from our customers for each of these product improvements. This year we plan to release more new products to help turn your mini basketball court into the best court on the block!

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Does (Basketball) Size Really Matter?

When James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891, I'm sure he had no idea how vast and varied the sport would become. The game was started with a soccer ball and a peach basket - now you can buy basketballs and backboards in many different shapes and sizes (See the chart below of the standard international basketball sizes).

Basketballs Gender/Age Group Size: circumference (diameter) Weight
Regulation Size Men and Boys 29.5" - 30" (9.5")
International Size 7
20-22 oz.
Official Women's Women and Girls 28.5" - 29" (9.2")
New International Size 6
18-20 oz.
Intermediate Girls Youth 27.75" - 28.5" (9")
Original International Size 6
16-18 oz.
Junior Boys and Girls 27.25" - 27.75" (8.75")
International Size 5
14-16 oz.
Mini Small children 22" - 22.5" (7")
International Size 3
10-11 oz.

A regulation ball is about 9.5" in diameter and is intended for use on an 18" diameter the ball is about one half the diameter of the rim.

JustinTymeSports specializes mini basketball hoops for the indoor basketball enthusiast. You can find our hoops in bedrooms, basements, college dorms, and offices around the world. The rim of our Mini-Pro I and Mini-Pro II Basketball Hoops is about 9" in diameter. That rim size requires a ball that is about 4.5" - 5" in diameter. So, at this point, size does matter.

Our Mini-Pro I Basketball Hoop was originally designed for use with the lightweight rubber or foam balls that were 4.5" - 5" in diameter. These lightweight balls weigh only about 2 oz. The backboard of the Mini-Pro I is made of acrylic, which is very strong, but there is no frame around the backboard and there is no support at the top. The backboard works great with the lightweight balls, but can over-flex and break if you use a ball that is too heavy. For example, our NEW 5" Synthetic Leather ball weighs almost 8 oz. - about 4 times the weight of our standard balls. So, in this case, weight matters.

The NEW Mini-Pro II Basketball Hoop is designed to handle the weight of the 5" Synthetic Leather ball. The Mini-Pro II has a full steel frame behind the backboard and aluminum trim around the front. It also has an upper support bracket to hold the top of the backboard, which is almost twice the size (16"h x 24"w) of the Mini-Pro I (12"h x 18"w).

We also plan to introduce a smaller frame for the Mini-Pro I in the next couple months. The frame will provide enough support for the 5" synthetic leather ball.

The chart below shows several different mini basketball types and the JustinTymeSports backboards that they will work with. As always, the answer to the question - "Does (Basketball) Size Matter?" depends.

Basketballs JustinTymeSports Backboard Size: circumference (diameter) Weight
Poof/Nerf (foam) ALL 12.5" - 14.25" (4" - 4.5") 2 oz.
4.5" PVC Rubber ALL 14.25" (4.5") 2 oz.
5" Rubber Mini-Pro II
Mini-Pro I with frame
17.25" (5.5") 6.1 oz.
5" Synthetic Leather Mini-Pro II
Mini-Pro I with frame
17" (5.4") 7.7 oz.

Mini Basketballs

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